Where The Streets Have No Name

but a ton of fancy folks. some lovely images to inspire your weekend wardrobe decisions. you don't have to go anywhere in particular to get all fancy, just whenever the mood strikes, as seen so flawlessly done below:
simple streamlined outfit paired with the red oxfords, a masculine ladylike perfect mix. one would assume such perfection would be caught in the middle of a magazine shoot...but not for this lovely lady of Florence, just out and about taking a personal day

her jacket is amazing. i love the darker brown stripe across the chest, a wonderful break of contrast. paired with maxi skirt, playing with flattering proportions. top this lovely look off by keeping fingers toasty in vintagy glam hand muff. lovely!

giovanna battaglia always looks amazing. l the mix of browns and patterns all flow together just right. head to toe, every detail accounted for without failure.

i love her; julia sarr-jamois. i've posted about her amazing hair, yet her style is always unassuming and so awesome. point proven here.

although i would never, this girl looks pretty cool, pulling off irish gone golfing mixed with a bit of andre 3000 .


  1. As long as it's Irish it's grand! They can pull off anything!

  2. Goodness - I really need to put in more effort when I'm just running errands!
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