The name's Johnny Utah!

My brother and his little family are packing up, bidding the southern California coast a fine farewell. Life was good to them. They made a many of fine memories the past 8 years in Huntington Beach, CA. I certainly enjoyed visiting and will miss them being there. Thankfully I still have my brother Dave and Ash in that territory...Although it sucks too. What was once a one stop shop to see some of my dearest and most favorite people has now created  major travel predicaments Spreading out the family across the vast plains of this country means making more of an effort to make certain to see faces in person. They are all  well worth it, plus I too need my fix of all of them. On the other side, I am thankful. My brother Greg's move to Salt Lake City, Utah means more opportunity for their sweet family and new land my feet get to explore! I can't wait. Plus, knowing Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City, Utah, promoting independent films, my most fav kind and ones I try to support, and taking in all the lovely fashion has got me all jazzed up. And that this state has more to offer than my current ignorance knowing only about Mormon culture, mountains, and SLC Punk

I have some homework to do....
Here are some pics of  stylin attendees as well as the stars themselves at Sundance.


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