Knockin Knees Like Marcie Dahlgren-Frost

oh the planning, every little detail, the long lists waiting to be checked off, a sign progress is being made, thus moving closer to the main event, closer to the purpose of what it is all really for. Weddings. Such a production, so much angst and worry. Aiming for your interpretation of absolute perfection on this single most important day of your life. Yet behind the decorations and ball room filled with special guests, the emotions, the purpose, the guarantee to one another to be the best mate and a promise to live together forever, that promise and commitment is genuine, therefore only you can own it, making your day unlike anyone else's. But, I can attest, as a loving bystander and honored guest, Scott and Jamie, you guys threw one hell of a party. We felt your vibe and felt like doing nothing else but dance and celebrate right there with ya all night long. Cheers~


  1. Awesome!!! Make sure you send this to J & S!

  2. Mom and I were just talking about these pictures!! Love big time, you guys look marv!!