To A Happy Marriage

Ever since my bestest Sheit, Ashley, started to plan her wedding, all things wedding have been on my mind. I am more into her wedding details than I was my own. I never had marriage on my mind. In my heart, I was married the moment I met my husband at age 15. We did end up getting married June 20, 2008 (12 yrs later). If I can give anyone, especially my girl, any advice on ways towards a happy marriage it would be this:

1. Be friends. 2. Communicate. 3. Appreciate. I won't explain in detail. Each relationship is different. My beliefs won't necessarily fit into your life.  Cheers!


  1. Thanks Sheit for the solid advice! I love the first pic as you know :)

  2. was your ankle scar where you got the flesh colored mole removed air brushed???