Fashion Blogger Transition

Rumi www.fashiontoast.com 2007

Scott, www.thesartorialist.com 2005

Jane, www.seaofshoes.com 2007
Susie, stylebubble.typepad.com 2006

Tavi, www.thestylerookie.com 2008

Refinery29 did a post of well known bloggers to show their fashion and blog skills transformations over the past few years. Fun to see how style changes year to year and how often we look back sometimes in utter amazement of the things we wore. I don't think any time period had bad style, yet comparing fresh looks of the present to old and tired trends of the past, you kinda automatically judge negatively. Funny, though each trend in the past is somehow played into the current just with a fresh vibe and new perspective.  I think individual fashionistas get more daring and comfortable with themselves. For trends and style are set be people and followers of the same taste. These bloggers have had major influence over my own style and encouraged me to have the guts to start a blog. It all is so fun.

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