The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friends

My parents came for a visit from Cleveland. We took them down to the beach for a few days. The wind was unreal. Unlike anything I had ever seen before. Almost hurricanish. The waves were unforgiving and relentless. Rather than risk death, we went fishing. The place was called Stump-Pass, a nature preserve.
My Pops was the only one to catch that day...a Tiger Fish and a bird. Yea, a bird. The bird flew down and ate the bait, thus getting caught and hooked in the face. Pops had to real it in. The poor thing was flapping and screaming. Finally, Pops was able to grab hold of the bird and ply the bait out. In an instant the bird was free and gone. What a scene man.
Pop's big catch. Tiger Fish

The Bird.

Pops and Maj wading and patiently waiting for a bite.

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  1. like an old man sending his soup back at a deli! Love ya.
    The Schneids