Ghosts and goblins oh my! Went to the Griffith Park haunted hay ride with some friends. Was um interesting. Not quite as scary as I was hoping but my tummy was sore after laughing so hard. The hay ride was lead by an old hunched backed creepy guy. He drove us through some spooky sites with all monsters and scary movie stars lurking at every corner.  The most frightening part was the circus. With scary clowns,strobe lights and that already creepy ohhh ah ah ah song I didn't know if I was gonna have nightmares or pee my pants from laughing so hard. I'd say the hefty price tag was worth it in giggles alone. Cheers! Happy Late Halloween!


Wearing husbands childhood vest, rip curl flannel and bdg's (of course, but ya can't see em)

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  1. man, your hair, i lykke li! I think you're winning!!! Love your outfit, the vest and flannel= perfect and your face = priceless!