Winter's Bone

 Time got away from us. We had roughly 23 minutes to spare before the movie, Winter's Bone, began at Tampa Theatre. Good 'ol Craft Mac N Cheese was quickly prepared. Haven't had that in a loong time, and was immediately reminded by the first bite of how awesome it is. mmmm. We jumped on our bikes and were there within 10 minutes. The movie was a bit boring, yet we weren't bored. I was entertained by the handsome scene alone. Words cannot explain why I love this place so nor justify the stunning quality of architecture and design. A splendid place to waste your time.
wearing forever21 shirt dress; oxfords


  1. Mac and cheese rules! Love this outfit stunner :) Awesome local for a T and S concert.

  2. Mac n cheese Matt's fav! I was thinking of seeing Winter Bone......yea?
    You look grand. Love ya