Come on Ride The Bull...And Ride It!

Husband and I on our way out to Sangria's in Hermosa Beach, CA...cha, cha, cha!
My lovely sister-in-law Liz- and I just got through riding the bull, literally, at some random joint in Hermosa Beach, CA. I approached the "bull operater" like I was planning a sting operation. I told the guy, listen, act as though this conversation isn't happeninig, don't change the tunes or add flashy lights. My sister and I are going to get on the bull while everyone else is consumed in conversations and won't even notice us. So in short dresses we straddled a mechanical bull, together. Me in front, Liz in back. Had Liz not mentioned she was a mother of 3, I'm sure he would have made the bull ,or us for that matter, look a bit sexier or made for a more adventurous ride. Yet, he took it easy and Liz eventually gave way, falling off first. I followed her to the padded mat below shorter thereafter. Cheers!
wearing bcbg dress; athro head piece


  1. hahahaha..I love you! I Had so much fun!

  2. Love this picture of beautiful bull riders.....no bull intended!