Out with the old, in with the new

My former jeep :(

My new rabbit :)

The birthday girl had quite the celebration yesterday. Woke up to some presents from turtle, (if you know what I'm sayin.) Was prompted to get ready by 9:45 in sweats and no makeup? But I wanted to look cute on my day I told husband. He said just go with it, so I didn't argue. I'm not usually one for surprises but hey why not. So we drive to Santa Monica where Ryan takes me by the hand to this tiny adorable little spa called Petite Spa. So fitting right? My mom and dad had set up with the help of husband a mini facial and hour massage. I never felt more pampered. Those kinds of situations can sometimes make me a bit out of my element, but the ladies there were so friendly and sweet it made the experience that much more special. 
After the spa treatments, (still sounds werid to me) we walked over to Shutters on the beach. A beautiful beach hotel, where we were treated to lunch with a fab view of the pacific. My parents really pulled out all the stops for this bday. Now that would have been enough, more then enough really. But no, husband wasn't done yet. We drove in the jeep to the Santa Monica VW dealership where we both fell in love. Great deal, low miles, and drives like a dream. Could.not.walk.away. We are not impulse shoppers, especially on such a big purchase. Sometimes things are just meant to be. After we drove away with our shiney new rabbit, we got ready for dinner at our favorite mexican spot. That's me right before grabbing a bite. 
All an all it was one hell of a day. I am exhausted this July 15th day, to say the least. I feel like the luckiest girl. Will miss ya old jeep, but can't wait till the next time I hop into my new rabbit. 
Major cheers!!


First photo top from forever, shorts from tj's sandals from rip curl
Second photo dress and belt from gap sandals steve madden

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