Tea time

The Huntington Garden Tea room

At the Rose Garden 
Prior to tea
My friends John and Stephanie

Japanese Gardens

Making our way through the Japanese 
and Chinese gardens, my personal fav.

Mr. Tortoise cruising through

Reminds me of the original Secret Garden movie.
I had an odd obsession with that movie for some reason growing up.

Just because

Our annual visit to The Huntington Gardens, in Pasadena California. My dear friend John, whose like family to me on the west coast and Stephanie invited me to celebrate my recent nuptials. John lives in Pasadena and is a member to the Huntington Gardens. Every time I drive into Pasadena it has this overwhelming feeling of home. I'm not sure exactly why but it just sort of comforts me from the day to day hustle of Los Angeles. The homes there are very established without feeling too cold or unwelcoming. As we do every year, we walked through the beautiful gardens. These gardens were once the summer home to a successful businessman Mr. Huntington and his wife. Their just for "summer home" was on a tiny 120 acre piece of land. Not too shabby. Mr. Huntington personally planted all sorts of exotic plants from all over the world. 
After strolling through the gardens the three of us sat to tea. I never realized how much I enjoy a good cup of tea. They had all sorts of yummy options like blackberry tea served with fresh scones and jam. Its set up as a buffet style of all different kinds of finger sandwiches, yummy salads, cheeses and crackers. To finish off the meal they offer all kinds of delicious desserts like brownies and fresh fruit salad also on the buffet. The three of us pretty much had to roll out of the tea room after stuffing our mouths full of yumminess.  All in all it was a pretty splendid afternoon.


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  1. so so pretty! It's perfect there..lucky girl. Does remind me of secret garden, it was my fav too. You look cute as always