Schools Out For Summer

Tokyo Police and Passion Pit Concert at The Ritz in Ybor, Tampa. Eric's treat for husband and I. Open space was immediately devoured by hipsters. A sea of bodies engulfed all around us. The air became thick and hazy. Sweat was pouring out of every single pore. The vibe and energy was intensely awesome.  It was  the band's first visit to Tampa. They felt the love from every screaming happy dancing fan and made a point of telling us in between sets. They felt the love. I felt the love. We all did.   Everyone departed with drenched clothing. Nobody cared. And surprisingly, nobody had b.o. True sign of a good time. Husband got to meet Tokyo Police and give his praises. What a  sweet release for a Monday evening. Cheers!
wearing urbn denim romper+purse; glowtoes necklace; forever21 belt


  1. Wow Blondie! Love the hair!

  2. Glad to know some hipsters do know how to dance.

    Me thinks NY hipsters should come take lessons.... better yet.. when ya'll come up, we'll bring the party 2 them.

    Hipster conversion 2010 is in effect.