I Said I Can't..Did Said Can't

I I can't do it, I can't.  I agreed to an evening of dinner with friends in hopes of being in bed by 10:00. We headed out on our bikes downtown. Off to try a new French place we frequently passed, yet too intimidated to enter. So husband and I, along with our friends Eric and Ryan took the plunge and opened the door. We were greeted by a cute chap, Brian from Trinidad, sporting khaki's, stripped tee, and black leather vest. We drank yummy wine and tasted foods that are never prepared in my own kitchen. The chef came out, inroduced himself, and chatted for a wee bit. We  broke the seal and will for sure return. I'm almost certain we left around 10 pm. Perfectly planned. Yet, the ride home took a detour to The Wine Exchange. I did not protest. Promises were made that we would have 1 glass of wine. Yet, I knew when I walked in that promise would become nonexistant. Michelle, our friend the bartender, was working. Before I know it, she is pouring us her favorite glass of red wine. I didn't know there could be numerous favs.. Then husband offers to buy Michelle a shot..cause we love her so. Yet, Michelle made one shot turn into 5...I should have known. We then said our goodbyes, rode home and played cornhole in the front yard. We saw a nice young couple ride past on bikes and shouted out a "you wanna play" as they passed. They turned around and hung out for while. Well, by 2:00 am I lay myself to sleep. I was pleased to not have stopped short at 10:00.... It ended up a beautiful evening. Cheers!
wearing urb tank+shorts+shoes; etsy find necklace from glowtoes; new blond locks from Kristine


  1. Sounds like awesome times! Betcha weren't feelin' so hot the next day tho. Yikes stripes! Can't wait till you guys are in our city so we can run wild!! Countdown begins.

  2. Love your blogs!