Anthro Another Wedding

Never. My wedding was too loverly and special to try and reinvent.Yet, had bhldn, http://bhldn.com/, existed almost 3 years ago, I would have, without a doubt, worn one of their, soon to be revealed on Feb 14th, wedding gowns. I know this even if I hadn't caught a glimpse of what's to be unveiled. Anthropologie is my most favorite store. Their whimsical looks never tire and always has me at their fingertips, so eager to buy everything! I can be weak. I can be caught in forfeited moments, such as in an anthro store or visiting anthro online or when I set out a bowl of candy in my house for guests but end up being the one with the sticky fingers. Two very real moments I am guaranteed to lose all willpower thus failing to resist such temptations. Too bad its a faux pas to wear white at other people's weddings...how else can I make one of these a) an appropriate buy and b) a setting in which a wedding dress in required for those not the bride? Perhaps I'll just have to dream up these dresses to fit one of my nieces someday.


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  1. Have you seen the front window of anthropology in Cleveland ....probably the same everywhere. Very cool! You can wear the shoes & your next cruise or black tie affair you will need one of these beauties!